The jenna kator collection’s mission is to increase self-confidence without saying a word. We are teaming up with Handbags of Hope, a non-profit organization, that provides local shelters the gift of Beauty, Empowerment & Hope!

Many of the women that receive assistance from Handbags of Hope are victims of domestic violence and have no other choice but to run in the middle of the night with only the clothes on the their back and children in their arms.

Handbags of Hope and the jenna kator collection believe a woman's handbag is a very important personal possession as we carry a small world in there.

The concept is simple, we ask women to take a gently used handbag and fill it with 10 essential items. The jenna kator collection is one of many drop off centers for donated items.

Handbags of Hope delivers handbags twice a year; Mother's Day and Christmas. Local shelters and programs also receive items year round as needed.

Handbags of Hope relies on 90% donations of handbags, wallets, and filler items. Help support our cause, there is no charge for being a member and together we can make a difference in a women’s life that is in need of a boost of self confidence at a very emotional time.

Handbags of Hope
Jenna Kator & Handbags of Hope

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